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  Priest and Parishioners - In Brief  
Praying for our primary school families. Helping them to pray together,
stay together and to grow in the love of our Lord and his Church.


The Wednesday Word in Brief

In the formative stage of a Christian life there are three supports:

The Family
The School
The Church

In the present context of Catholic family life in our country, one of these three supports is often missing, namely the Church. There are many reasons for the lack of contact between the growing child and the Church community, but it is a sad fact of life.

This means that the three-legged stool on which Catholic formation has traditionally rested is now down to a two-legged stool and has become a real balancing act. So what is necessary to regain this proper support of the growing Catholic life to restore, in some form, the living contact between the family and the local Church community? Clearly one intermediary could be the School.

Statistics tell us that approx. 80% of our school families do not regularly come to church. The primary school version of The Wednesday Word spreads the Gospel to school parents and families. This resource seeks to encourage a weekly Family Time custom which supports the Catholic Church. This new Family Time is under the patronage of St Joseph, Patron Saint of families and protector of the Church.

The Wednesday Word is an attempt to bridge the gap between the family and the local Church Community via the School. Each week the Sunday Gospel is sent out into thousands of school family homes.

For school parents the arrival of The Wednesday Word into the family home seeks to act as a weekly reminder of the love that our Lord has for them and also of the responsibility that many accepted at Baptism, to bring their children to the knowledge and practice of the Good News that we have received in Jesus.

Moreover, where adults are evangelised and their faith in God nurtured, and where Catholic/Christian family spirituality is embraced by families, we find a powerful antidote to family relationship breakdown.

The weekly distribution of the primary school version of The Wednesday Word ensures an unbroken invitation to the Eucharist throughout school life and is a further way for our Church to demonstrate our care and concern for our school families.


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The primary school version of The Wednesday Word is unique. It:

  • aims to contribute to drawing families more closely into the life of the Church through creating a new form of relationship between the Church and Catholic school parents who do not currently appear to be practising or enquiring about the Catholic faith

  • acts as a regular reminder to all parents and carers about their responsibilities to support the school’s ethos

  • assists churchgoing school families to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel at Sunday Mass through praying and discussing the Gospel together. This new weekly prayer custom in the home is also an effective way to help parents transmit the faith to their children

  • regularly spreads the Gospel to school parents, regardless of any professed faith or lack of it

  • is an effective starting point that helps avoid awkwardness in the many families where the tradition of coming together in prayer and reflection appears to have lapsed. The Wednesday Word aims to help all school families to develop Christ-centred relationships in the home - a proven way of reducing family breakdown

  • assists Christian unity in the homes of mixed denomination families by encouraging and enabling them to pray together

  • is based on the parable of the Sower and the Seed. The Seed is the Word. Sometimes the Word will be rejected or ignored. But sometimes the Word will “bring in a spiritual harvest of thirty, and sixty, and a hundredfold”

  • is a missionary initiative for our time which aims to serve the Church and bring Glory to God, but needs your support. Will you help to spread The Wednesday Word?

"Go out to the whole world, and proclaim the good news to all creation"

Mark 16:15