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  Headteachers, Teachers and Governers - About The Wednesday Word  

Spreading the Sunday Gospel to families through primary schools and enriching the Home, School & Parish partnership.

About Us

St Joseph
  • The Wednesday Word is a not-for-profit collaborative Charitable Trust.

  • This 21st Century mission to families is under the patronage of St Joseph, Patron Saint of Families and Protector of the Church.

The Trust

Jesus Christ
  • The Trust seeks to spread the Gospel nationally, initially through primary schools, into family homes.

  • The Trust seeks to promote a 21st Century, weekly, Christ centred Family Time custom for families to come together around the Word of God and in the love of Christ.

The Trustees

The Holy Family
  • The Trustees are all committed Catholics and consist of a Catholic headteacher, a Benedictine Monk, three priests and two Catholic parents, one of whom is a Catholic school foundation governor with children who attend Catholic primary and high schools.

  • The Trustees endeavour to further the mission of the Catholic Church. They seek to serve our Bishops by working in partnership with headteachers, priests and school governors to strengthen the Home, School and Parish partnership through the distribution of The Wednesday Word leaflet.

The Resource

Mary & Jesus
  • Fr Henry Wansborough, was for ten years, a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission and is a world renowned biblical scholar. Fr Henry contributes to the primary school version and also writes a weekly Gospel commentary and reflections on the first and second readings for the parish version of The Wednesday Word.

  • All Wednesday Word material carries an imprimatur and so is declared free from any moral or doctrinal error. Endorsements have been received from the Vatican and also from various departments of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

  • Consultants to the Trustees include: RE coordinators, representatives from Catholic religious orders, Catholic priests, headteachers, school parents, school governors, parishioners and various experts from around the country.




"Imagine a sower going out to sow. Some seeds fell on rich soil and produced their crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty."

Matt 13:3 & 8